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RE:FRESH One Item (Deposit)

RE:FRESH One Item (Deposit)

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By selecting this listing and paying the $10 deposit, you are reserving one spot (item) to RE:FRESH. The $10 deposit that you pay today will go towards the final cost of your RE:FRESH! After I receive your reservation, then I will contact you via email to start the process of your RE:FRESH, which we will customize together. The final price will depend on the item type or dye method (refer to other photos for more details).

Do you want more than one item RE:FRESHed?? You can purchase multiple listings for multiple items!

More information about RE:FRESH…

Do you have any clothes in your closet with stains that you just can get out?! And you don’t want to throw them in the trash?! Let’s give them a new life! All you would need to do is to provide me with an item from your wardrobe (shirt, shorts, pants, or dress) and I will bring it back to life with natural dyes.

RE:FRESH will start at $15. You will have two options for color - single color in either solid or tie dye, or a confetti print, which is created with the bundle dye method and includes multiple colors. Items will either need to be shipped or dropped off at my address. All items will be scoured, mordanted, dyed with natural dyes (plants, flowers, or vegetables), and washed. This process will take 2-4 weeks to complete. Then your RE:FRESHed item will then be sent back to join your wardrobe! Shipping to and from will cost an extra $10, and labels will be provided. Local drop off and pick up is available for free.

It is the best way to create sustainable fashion today and every day forward. Not only will we be recycling your clothing, but will use the earth to create the colors - using all three R’s of reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Note: Results will vary. Due to the nature of natural dyes, each item is unique and may have some variegation created by plant pigments. Each item is one of a kind. Items may shrink slightly during the process. Colors may fade overtime. For lasting, vibrant color, hand wash with a pH neutral soap and kept out of direct sunlight.

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