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Oversized Valentine's Confetti Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

Oversized Valentine's Confetti Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

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  • Small batch hand dyed with plants, flowers, or vegetables form my garden or food waste from my kitchen
  • OVERSIZED Size (see pictures for size reference)
  • 100% Mulberry Silk
  • 22 Momme Silk (high quality)
  • Silk has so many benefits for the hair - especially while sleeping. Silk will ease friction and protect your hair's cuticle, which prevents breakage. It will also keep your hair from losing moisture and becoming frizzy.


  • For lasting vibrant color, hand wash in cool water with a pH neutral detergent (ex. All Free & Clear) and hang dry in the shade. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Due to the nature of natural dyes, each item is unique and may have some variegation created by the plant pigments. Details of variegation are shown in pictures above. May fade slightly over time.
  • Each item may be slightly different from the photo above since each is made separately, but will be very similar. 
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