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Eucalyptus Leaf Printed Silk Cami

Eucalyptus Leaf Printed Silk Cami

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*Size {Small}

*Dyed with Pomegranate + Iron and Eucalyptus Leaves

*Adjustable straps 

*100% Mulberry Silk

*22 Momme and Grade 6A Silk

*OEKO-TEX Certified

*Small batch hand dyed with plants from my backyard or food waste from my kitchen. All items have been dyed with the plant listed in the title of the item. 

*For lasting vibrant color, hand wash in cool water with a natural detergent and hang dry in the shade. Keep out of direct sunlight.

*Due to the nature of natural dyes, each item is unique and may have some variegation created by the plant pigments. Details of variegation are shown in pictures above. Each item is one of a kind. May fade slightly over time.


>Silk maintains moisture on your skin and in your hair because silk does not absorb the moisture (cotton absorbs), so all that amazing product on your face stays where it needs to!

>Silk keeps your hair smooth, whereas cotton can create more friction causing breakage, split ends, or makes it frizzy. 

>Silk reduces the chance of wrinkles or waking up with creases on your face, whereas cotton tugs at your skin. 

> Silk is hypoallergenic and is chemical free. 

>Silk is luxurious. There is no other fabric that gives you that feeling and makes you feel like a million bucks after a long day.


Size S/10: Length - 13 inch Bust - 36 inch

Size M/12: Length - 14 inch Bust - 38 inch

Size L/16: Length - 14 inch Bust - 39 inch

Size XL/18: Length - 15 inch Bust - 41 inch

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