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Bundle Dye Silk Scarf DIY Dye Kit

Bundle Dye Silk Scarf DIY Dye Kit

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This kit will come with (almost) everything you need to create your own one of a kind naturally dyed silk scarf. The colors from this kit will be created with rose petals, scabiosa flowers, and onion skins. Rose petals will provide a pink to purple shade, scabiosa flowers will provide a dark blue shade, and onion skins will provide a gold to green shade. Each scarf will turn out differently and once washed the color may even shift one last time.


  • one pre-treated or mordanted 25"x25" silk scarf
  • dye stuff {plants and flowers grown from my backyard}
  • string
  • instructions and a QR code that will link to an instructional video
  • washing instructions

Not included:

  • pot
  • strainer/steamer
  • water

*For lasting vibrant color, hand wash in cool water with a pH neutral detergent (ex. All Free & Clear) and hang dry in the shade. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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